Cvartel Network:
Where Computer Vision meets Blockchain Security
Cvartel Network
Cvartel to be a fully decentralized network that is owned by all its participants, yet owned by no single entity.

By utilizing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and a variety of data capture devices, the network’s purpose is to revolutionize human machine interaction by powering users with self-ownership of their own biometric data, so machines will be able to recognize humans in a way that is user-controlled, privacy secure and GDPR compliant.
For Developers
& Innovators:
Zero Cost, Infinite Possibilities: Dive in with our free SDK & API, enabling your visionary ideas to come alive without any financial barriers.

Top-Tier Recognition: Harness the power of NIST FRVT's top-rated face recognition algorithms for various applications, from face payments to access control
Empower Users with Security & Privacy
Every user deserves control. Cvartel ensures user consent before identification, storing sensitive identification data safely within the blockchain. Trust in the unparalleled security of your data with Cvartel.
The Future
Join us in our journey to continuously evolve the boundaries of computer vision. Together with the Cvartel community, we're on a mission to create an AI Computer Vision platform that truly bridges the gap between robots and real-world perception.
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