Boost Your NIST FRVT Rating With Our Expertise

NIST FRVT Outsourcing + White Label Face SDK/API
About Us
Previously known as, we offer Face SDK/API, which ranks among the top 20 in NIST FRVT, as well as BAF, a Facial Liveness SDK for digital onboarding and KYC.

Our team consist of experienced AI developers, who are experts in the NIST FRVT benchmark. We have access to a vast dataset of facial images used to train AI models.

Besides, we possess an own GPU cluster to bolster our capabilities.
We Offer to Outsource Our AI Team
to Boost NIST FRVT Rating to Top 10-20-30

We spend $580,000 a year

To be in Top 20 in NIST FRVT

With us you save up to 90%!
  • $120,000

    Hardware (GPU rental)
  • $210,000

    Data preparation expense
  • $250,000

    Salary for ML engineers
How It Works
Step 1

We train new Face Recognition library for NIST FRVT 1:1 submission under your brand name

Step 2

We cover all associated expenses:

GPU cost, AI engineers salary

Step 3

You submit library to NIST

Step 4

You get the Top place in the NIST Rating

If the promised NIST FRVT rating (top 10-20-30) is

not achieved, we will prepare a new submission until you attain the required result.

Apart from the library, we can provide white-label options for our

Face Recognition SDK/API and Face Liveness SDK/API

One partner - one region

We guarantee to achieve top NIST FRVT

at a fraction of cost of in-house approach

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